Amarin Jewels provides this as a warranty that all Jewelry pieces marked by Amarin logo, Icon and or Serial Number on each piece are made of 18k gold and diamonds. This warranty covers manufacturers defects in material or workmanship within one month, but it does not cover neglect or abuse. This includes the client paying for any normal repairs required due to wear, damage, or abuse.

Amarin Jewels Warranty does NOT cover the following items:

Any damage to your jewelry purchase due to negligence or abuse. (The jewelry was neglected and abused and the warranty becomes void. For example, missing diamonds, broken chains, etc.) However, we do offer all kind of repairs with an amount determined after inspecting the piece.

Amarin Jewels necklaces/pendants/bracelets  are engineered with flexibility in the design that allows clients to wear in more ways than one. Due to the sophisticated mechanism, the client must use the mechanism as displayed and described. If any defects in material, the client must contact the office within the first week to replace or repair any defects. If not, the client will pay for any faulty pieces due to neglect.

All pictures on the website may differ from the actual color and size of the piece, as pictures were subjected for editing. Jewelry photos online may be enlarged to show fine detail.