Our Story

Welcome to the World of Amarin

Amarin Jewels by Haneen is a fine jewelry collection created to connect each wearer with the beloved, through a deep nostalgia for time, place and origin.


Treasured heirlooms

Our process is driven by a deep respect for treasured heirlooms and the generations of women who have worn them, upgraded for the modern wearer.

"Memories are the most cherished possession."

- Haneen Alqunaibit


A beautiful collaboration

Each collection is designed by our Saudi designer and brought to life in New York City, featuring hand-selected stones such as Aquaprase, rubies and diamonds. We insist on the highest quality, ethically sourced raw materials, as well as responsible packaging, for everlasting strength and uncompromising beauty.


A cultural masterpiece

Each piece is the culmination of a legacy of jewelry artistry, expressed through honorable craftsmanship, from meaningful cultural motifs to a transparent, informative creative process

"Our promise is to create unique, distinctive fine jewelry with everlasting value, sourced from rich origins."

- Haneen Alqunaibit


Extraordinary fine jewelry

The result is extraordinary fine jewelry that may be treasured for special occasions or enjoyed daily, infused with the romance of remembrance and the impact of a uniquely innovative vision