Nuqoosh Collection

Geometry is well known based on two Greek words “Geo” meaning the earth and “Metry”, meaning to measure. So basically Geometry means “the measurable earth” or “earthly measurements”. According to Plato, can also refer to the science of stereo-metry or “spatial measurements”. By the 10th century, original Muslim contributions to the sciences became significant in this context, important developments in the field of geometry resulted from the work among others. It is believed that the earliest written documents on geometry through the Islamic history of science, is Khwarizmi’s mathematical book. However, when we think of patterns the first thing that comes to our minds are Rossets and star shapes. Rossets and stars are usually the center of all geometric patterns. Therefore, in our new collection “Nuqoosh” Star is created from an Islamic Geometric Pattern of 17 points. Which is the focal point of the entire collection. Nuqoosh Collection is your every day modern heritage. That carries an art form that is vastly recognized globally. From Far East Asia, to all the cities on the Mediterranean Sea in Europe and Northern Africa. Yet, that is linked to art, science and math.
“Nuqoosh” is the Arabic word for patterns, and we at Amarin Jewels specifically refer to it as Geometric Patterns.
Your Every day Modern Heritage